What are the Best Gifts for Stardew Valley Fans?

Stardew Valley came on the scene 6 years ago and redefined relaxed farming games. Whether you are shopping for a mega farming super fan or someone who just picked up the game, our list of the best Stardew Valley gifts for 2022 has you covered.

 The Stardew Valley Board Game

Price: $55 MSRP
For the serious collector or fan of tabletop games, Stardew Valley the Board Game is the way to go. The game was originally printed in 2021 and sold out quickly. There have been conversations of a 2
nd edition but as of now we don’t have official word on when that will be.

We recommend looking for copies at local game shops before forking over the money for resale but you can’t go wrong either way with this acclaimed reworking of Stardew.

Custom Stardew Valley Style Portraitge

Hoping to really hit it out of the park? These custom Stardew Vally pixel portraits are sure to please any fan. With options to include up to 3 people and 3 pets, you can get a portrait of the whole family. The final version is provided as a digital file so you can have it framed, printed on gear, or even use it for an avatar. 

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Stardew Valley Guidebook

Price: $32 

This gorgeous hardcover guide contains every bit of Stardew Valley info you will ever need. With sections on crops, crafting, animals, relationships, mining, and more, even seasoned farmers can learn from this handy book. No worries if your gamer isn’t on PC, this book covers Switch, PS4, XB1, iOS, and Android.

Pelican Town Pullover


Price: $26 

This long sleeve Pelican Town shirt is the perfect gift for the fan who loves the game and a clean, collegiate aesthetic. Available in 5 colors and a hoodie, t-shirt, and crew neck option, you are sure to find the perfect Stardew inspired gear from this shop.

Stardew Valley Stickers

Price: $8 

A great little stocking stuffer, this official merch sticker pack features all the marriage candidates and an adorable Junimo.  Want to grab everything on our list so far? Enter our NFL TNG | $1,000 Giveaway for a chance at $1,000 worth of gaming gear

Retro Casual Games

Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise

Price: $15 digital

Platform: Xbox 360 (Xbox Cloud) 

In this quirky sim game you play as a gardener trying to attract unique piñatas to your garden. The faster pace may feel a little wild at times compared to Stardew but don’t let that dissuade you.  This game is incredibly charming and easy to get lost in.  

Harvest Moon Magical Melody 

Price: Varies 

Platform: GameCube, Wii (not advised) 

If your gamer has never picked up a Harvest Moon game, they don’t know what they’re missing. The Harvest Moon series was a major inspiration for Stardew Valley with the same basic premise and game play of owning a farm, befriending the townspeople, and fishing/foraging. Magical Melody for the GameCube is our top recommendation but depending on the systems available other games might be more accessible.  

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J Sugg