What Are The Best Affordable Gaming Gifts?

The holiday season is fast approaching, and we know you want to stay on budget while getting the best gifts for the PC gamers in your life. We’ve put together a list of the 2022 top 5 gaming gifts for under $75 to make this year’s holiday shopping a breeze. 

Razer Basilisk V3

Price: $70

Starting our list off strong is the much beloved and acclaimed Razer Basilisk V3. With 11 programable buttons, optical mouse switches, a 26k DPI optical sensor, and Razer’s ever popular Chroma RGB lighting, it’s impossible to go wrong with this top-rated mouse. 

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Price: $30

A game where you can knock things over, meow incessantly, and wander around a stunning cybercity? Sign us up! In all seriousness, Stray pounced onto the scene late this summer and it has already garnered over 74,000 positive reviews on Steam. No matter a person’s age or gaming style, everyone will find something to love in this charming cat-based adventure game. 

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Meross Smart Lights


Price: $18-$50

Who doesn’t want to be playing their favorite horror game with classic red LEDs behind them or maybe create the ultimate Sims mansion bathed in light blue? Meross Smart Lights will upgrade any gamers set up without stretching your budget. These LEDs are compatible with Apple HomeKit/Siri, Apple Watch, Carplay, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and SmartThings so they will work with anyone’s smart phone or smart home set up. Installation is extraordinarily simple and if you run into a problem meross’s customer service is second to none.



Razer Firefly V2 RBG Mouse Pad

Price: $50

Everyone has kept their favorite mouse pad until it starts falling apart or even worse, they skip one altogether (guilty as charged). This eye catching, perfectly textured, customizable, Razer Chroma RGB mouse pad will excite even the most stubborn PC gamer. 

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Purple Simply Seat Cushion

Let’s face it, gamers sit. A lot. Why not be comfortable while doing it? Purple made waves in the mattress industry with their famous, non-egg crushing, GelFlex Grid. This fancy purple gel provides long lasting, cool, no pressure support. Now they have put the same tech into an easy to clean, tote-able seat cushion.  Whether your gamer commands a high-end gaming throne or is still rocking a hand me down folding chair, this cushion will be a beloved addition to their set up. 

J Sugg