How do you find a PlayStation 5 at retail price?

Despite the PlayStation 5 coming out 2 years ago, finding one at retail price is still no easy feat. With the 2022 holiday season fast approaching you can expect tracking down a PS5 will be as difficult as ever. If you are still looking, we’ve put together a proven guide for purchasing a digital or a standard PlayStation 5 in 2022.


Stay In The Know

With how popular PS5s are and how infrequently they release many retailers have elected to put them up for sale without any warning. The best way to keep up with these unexpected restocks is following the right twitter accounts. Here’s a quick list of some of our favorites:

PS5 Stock Alerts SiteSupply ShowtimePro4

We’ve found that they generally release between 10:00am-12:00pm EST so be sure to leave your notifications on and check every morning. Be persistent, often people will give up after a few minutes so keep trying if some become available. While you’re following the sites above, be sure to follow Vast on twitter and join the discord to keep up with our latest giveaways.



Get On The Lists


Several retailers have elected to only sell consoles to individuals who get on their purchasing lists. Amazon & PlayStation have both resorted to this tactic and many people have had success with getting a console after signing up. Just be sure to sign up ASAP and check your email daily so you don’t miss your chance.

Target has taken a slightly different approach and has been releasing a few consoles sporadically at most of their locations. Following the Twitter accounts we mentioned earlier should help you stay in the know but it also wouldn’t hurt to reach out to your local Target electronics department to see if they have any word on when their next restock will be.

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Resale is certainly a last resort but it you are truly desperate to get your hands on a PS5 this holiday season it’s the only sure-fire way to do so. You should be aware that you’ll likely be paying a minimum of

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$100 extra for resale and not to mention the additional headache of finding a reliable seller and securing the console. Ebay and Facebook marketplace are certainly the most popular options and while you might find a reasonable price on these sites, be wary of scams and dangerous situations. Our top resale recommendation is StockX for reliability and safety. Cost wise, the prices are competitive with any other resale sites. StockX also features dynamic pricing, so you know that you are paying the lowest price the site has to offer. All products are verified before they arrive, and you never have to interact with sellers, reducing your risk substantially.

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