What’s the first thing you think of when you hear “gamer fuel?” 

Energy drinks are a big part of gaming culture, helping us stay alert for longer and active into real gamer hours. But you’re probably wondering which energy drinks are worthy of sitting in your desk’s cup holder since not sips are created equal. 


While this energy formula was born from a meme, the product itself is no joke. Looking past the vibrant packaging reveals an elixir that provides energy and focus, which “kicks in after the first sip.” This is like getting a mushroom in Mario or killing Baron in League. And at zero sugar, you can freely enjoy Poggers. Twitter:@DrinkPOGGERS

Rogue Energy

Mix in Rogue Energy and you’ll have one of the best-tasting energy drinks out there. There are eight different flavors to choose from, including classics like pink lemonade. With 175 mg of caffeine per serving, having this by your side as you game is bound to make you godlike. 

Glytch Energy

These gamer-focused energy drinks are sweet and powerful. All of their flavors are specially formulated to provide different benefits, from Respawn’s CBD-heavy formula for relaxing to Shield’s focus on immunity-boosting. Unlike the other energy drinks that focus on, well, energy, Glytch has a variety of skill trees to explore.