Gaming means something different for everyone. For some of us, it’s all about performance and reaching our top potential. For others, it’s about being immersed in an entirely new world. Gaming is breaking records, storytelling, teamwork, competition, and an escape — depending on who you ask and what they’re playing.

But for gaming to truly deliver on these things, you need the right gaming PC. If you’re looking for the best graphic cards and CPUs at affordable price points, we have a list of top PC brands you should consider.


Founded in 1996, Alienware is focused solely on gaming PCs — founder Nelson Gonzalez initially started upgrading his friends’ computers since PCs in the 90s weren’t good enough to support video games. Alienware has since become a trusted name in the gaming world.

Alienware was acquired by Dell in 2006 but continued to focus specifically on gaming PCs. They are known for their one-of-a-kind designs and high-quality hardware that puts them far ahead of most competitors.

Alienware uses textures and materials that make them sturdy and stiff. Most have fully customizable RGB lighting. But what makes Alienware a top brand is the performance. They use high-end hardware, include innovative, cutting-edge technology (like programmable keyboards and facial recognition), and have a wide range of screen options.

While Alienware offers a lot of support and has a good warranty, it’s essential to remember that Alienware PCs are pretty expensive.


Once known as Voodoo PC, Omen started as a small Canadian company before being acquired by HP in 2006. Through it all, Omen has focused on luxury gaming systems known for their high-quality products.

While Omen also creates headsets, keyboards, and mice, the star of Omen’s product line is still their PCs. Their PCs are robust and aesthetically pleasing, offering top-of-the-line performance for a pretty reasonable cost.

For many gamers, the Omen is a great introductory PC. It’s relatively cost-effective while still allowing for immersive, competitive experiences. But Omen doesn’t make upgrading easy. Gamers looking to add newer or more powerful hardware switches to a custom PC. Still, you can expect to get a few good years out of most Omen PCs before you get the PC building bug.


Corsair was founded in California in the mid-90s, starting as a computer components company before focusing on PCs. Over time, Corsair has acquired Elgato, Origin Computers, and Scuf Gaming.

Throughout Corsair’s growth, the gaming PC line has continued to provide top hardware and excellent performance. But Corsair stands out more for its ecosystem full of gaming accessories and how easy it is to sync them up. Corsair offers headsets, keyboards, and more that can be easily linked to your Corsair PC with ICEU software.

Unlike Alienware and Omen, Corsair’s PCs have a bit more of an understated appearance. While not showy, Corsair PCs are sturdy, reliable, and have a solid performance. This has made the Corsair gaming PC a favorite among streamers.