Twitch has been dominating the streaming world and 2021 was no exception. The broadcasting platform had 7.57 million active streamers by the end of last year, with a peak of 9.89 million active streamers at its busiest month. 

But while there were millions of streamers on Twitch, a few stood out as the most popular. Here are the top Twitch streamers of 2021. 

#3 AuronPlay

Raul “AuronPlay” Genes is a Spanish streamer had a very successful 2021, reaching almost 12 million followers — gaining 4.5 million in 2021 alone. He was watched over 119 million hours last year, whether he was hanging out in Just Chatting or playing Mario Kart and Fall Guys. 

#2 Guales

Alexandre “Gulaes” Borba was watched for well over 166 million hours in 2021, peaking at 336K viewers during his most popular stream last year. Guales is popular due to his invaluable CSGO insight and skilled gameplay. Before he was a full-time Portuguese language streamer, Guales was coaching MiBR. 

#1 xQc

Felix “xQc” Lengyel is unsurprisingly at the top of the list. He is a former Overwatch League pro. xQc currently has over 10 million followers on Twitch. He had his highest viewed streams near the end of 2021 when he started reacting to reality shows with his fans.