What is the best way to get gaming gear on sale?

Stardew Valley came on the scene 6 years ago and redefined relaxed farming games. Whether you are shopping for a mega farming super fan or someone who just picked up the game, our list of the best Stardew Valley gifts for 2022 has you covered.

#1 Know What You Want

Price: $55 MSRP

Before you start aimlessly chasing deals it’s best to have a game plan. Do some research and figure out what gear is going to best suit your needs and what the standard retail price is. If you need a keyboard there is no sense in sorting through hundreds of monitor ads. While you don’t need to have the model number memorized, you should know the features and requirements for your needs. Research will ultimately save you time and help you get an idea of what a good deal is.

#2: Use Price Tracker Sites

The world of online shopping has become a wild place where it’s not always clear what is a good deal and what’s not. I utilize tools like CamelCamelCamel to know what current prices are and what they have been in the past. This can even help you anticipate future sales so you can score the biggest and best deals.

#3: Join All The Email Lists

I know having your email bogged down by hundreds of messages from brands can be daunting but it’s the best way to see what sales are happening and to stay in the know. Since you already have an idea of what you want, you can strategically sign up for email lists of places that carry that product, some of my top recommendations are BestBuy, GameStop, Razer, Target, Prime or any direct brand you plan to buy from. Sometimes you can also score additional deals on your first purchase if you sign up for loyalty programs, so keep an eye out and be willing to sign up with secondary email addresses if you think you can get a better deal.


#4: Student Discounts

Do you have a student email address and some form of student id? If so, you can save big time. Many major brands (Apple, Dell, BestBuy, Microsoft, Razer, and more) have student discounts that can stack on top of other promotions, which can save you hundreds. If you are not sure if a brand has a student discount program, just google the brand name followed by “student discount”. You can also typically find them listed at the very bottom of most ecommerce sites, under “Deals & Promotions”, “Purchase Programs” or “Education.”

#5: Rakuten, yes it’s free money 

Rakuten gives you cash back for shopping, plain and simple. It’s exceptionally easy and while you won’t make tons, it’s a great way to save money any time you shop online. Often their advertised cashback percentages will stack with other deals so it’s always worth a shot. They even offer cashback on gift cards, and they work with tons of big gaming/computer companies like Nintendo, Razer, Dell, BestBuy and more. I made back over $100 last year just on holiday shopping alone.

You can download the Rakuten Chrome extension and app to make it even easier. The biggest downside I’ve encountered is they only send out their cashback checks 4 times a year, so you may have to wait a bit. But hey if I can wait 9 years for the Sims 5, I don’t mind waiting a few months for some cash.

Sign up right now, with this link, and spend at least $40 within the next 90 days and you will get $40 back. That’s right, a FREE $40 for clicking a few times. While it seems too good to be true, I have personally verified that it does indeed work.

#6: Enter Giveaways

What could possibly be a better deal than free? If you are worried about money this holiday season, be sure to enter all the Vast giveaways for chances to win consoles, gaming accessories, monitors, collectables, games, cash and more. Entering is always free and easy, so be sure to follow our socials to see what our next giveaway is.

J Sugg