Snake Eyes | Secret Neighbor Vast Campaign June 23rd – July 23rd

Secret Neighbor is an exhilarating multiplayer video game that takes the concept of social deduction to new heights. Developed by Hologryph and published by tinyBuild, Secret Neighbor builds upon the popular Hello Neighbor franchise. In this game, a group of players must work together to rescue their missing friend from the clutches of their creepy neighbor. However, there’s a twist: one of the players is actually the neighbor in disguise, tasked with sabotaging their efforts and stopping them at every turn. The game offers a unique blend of cooperative and competitive gameplay, as players must communicate, strategize, and uncover clues to reveal the neighbor’s true identity. With its intriguing premise, tense atmosphere, and unpredictable gameplay, Secret Neighbor provides an exciting and suspenseful multiplayer experience that keeps players on the edge of their seats.