what we do:

Incentivize Your Success

Everyone loves free stuff. While giveaways are common in the digital world, most either miss the mark or just don’t see the success they should. This is where Vast comes in. We’ll handle the entire campaign, from design to distribution, and provide in-depth performance analysis once it’s all done. Engage. Grow. Repeat.

Pick The Right Tools

When it comes to promotions, you need to have the right platform. We use Gleam, a powerful tool with over one hundred social integrations, because we know it can do the heavy lifting you depend on. It handles social media like a pro, so you can too.


Look Good, Perform Better

Nothing moves quite as fast as the internet, and it’s fickle on the best of days. We cut through clogged social feeds with the best visuals possible, unique for every campaign and designed to put eyes on your prize.

Get Crowded

Our friends love to meet new people, and we’re happy to share. Each campaign we run is promoted to our social audience on every platform worth watching. No matter which package suits your needs, we’ll make sure to put you in touch.

Canvas The Neighborhood

If our friends aren’t enough, we have plenty of doors to knock on. We’ll send your campaign right to the other half of our audience via our mailing list. Just pick a package that covers it and their inbox is yours.

Watch It Grow

From start to finish, we’ll handle it all. Even prize selection and fulfilment, once you tell us what sort of toys your community likes. We make for a pretty trustworthy teammate, so let us sweat the logistics while you get after that chicken dinner we’ve heard so much about.

Get Your Stats

If you don’t know who saw your campaign, was it really effective? From individual platform clicks to the device they were using, we know exactly how far your promotion travelled. We’ll analyze that data and share the results, so you always know where you stand.

100+ Brands Boosted
250+ Campaigns Run
1 Powerful Audience
Check out these package examples. Need something more or want to make adjustments? Get in contact with us today and we can make something that works for you.


Single Campaign
Branded Graphic
Winner Selection
Social Promotion
25,000 Emails


Single Campaign
Branded Graphic
Winner Selection
Social Promotion
100,000 Emails


Single Campaign
Branded Graphic
Winner Selection
Social Promotion
300,000 Emails
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much growth can I expect from a campaign?
The options you choose with the team will ultimately determine this, but our top tier options will yield an estimated 15,000 users on average.
If I buy today, how long before my campaign can go live?
We'll try our best to suit your needs at every opportunity, including deployment dates that work for you. Please remember though, planning the campaign and preparing graphics does take time, so we can't promise immediate delivery.
What do you mean by White Label?
If this option is selected, we remove all Vast branding from the campaign, excluding placement on our website.
Do you use fake follower services?
Never. Other than being morally questionable, it would be extremely harmful to both our business and yours. The platforms we use all ensure that everything is done by the book, just the way we like it.
How much is this service?
We customize to each individual client as everyone's needs differ. This affects pricing which is something we will cover with you in a sales call.
Can I run multiple giveaways across several months?
You sure can. When we get a chance to speak we can come up with the best solution to help you reach your goals.